IBM’s Summit supercomputer ranked as world’s most powerful

Updated: Jan 30

The world's smartest, most powerful supercomputer is powered by IBM. Using almost 28,000 NVIDIA Volta Tensor Core GPUs, Summit pumps out 200 million billion floating point operations (200 exaFlOPS) for high performance computing (HPC) applications and 3 billion billion (1018) operations per second (3 exaops) for AI applications. To put it into perspective, the universe is only half an exa seconds old. This supercomputer is designed to tackle challenges that will drive new breakthroughs further than ever before with AI and HPC applications. Summit’s ability to combine HPC and AI techniques will give researchers the ability to automate, accelerate, and drive advancements in fields such as health, energy, and engineering. Summit runs 8 times faster than it’s previous supercomputer, Titan. It will transform AI discovery and help scientists and researchers continue racing forward with new innovations. Using techniques like machine learning and deep learning at a massive scale. Summit’s file system can store 250 petabytes of data, or the equivalent of 74 years of high-definition video. 💻 #supercomputer #ibm #nvidia #data #datacenter #technology #engineering #technician #database #infrastructure #computing #highendcomputers